Organic Cotton Crib Mattresses: Approved By Moms Everywhere

In The Bedroom: New Parent's Nursery Guide

The Essential guide to keeping your baby safe has so much to do with how will your baby eat and sleep. As a new parent, what you need to know is that you can do this. You are doing great, and rest when the baby sleeps. 
Just one more thing: Stay away, far far away from flame retardants when it comes to buying products for your baby. I have been working at The Futon Shop for decades, but I never realized the dangers of flame retardant until I was pregnant with my little guy( who is 4 now). I wrote n article on the dangers of chemicals in your mattress here: The Futon Shop press releases: Dangerous Toxins

 Here are a few options for a toxic free crib mattress:
1) Sweet Pea Crib Mattress
2) Snuggle Crib Mattress
3) Lullaby Crib Mattress
4) Hush-a-bye Crib Mattress
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