The Futon Shop Product Reviews

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If you came to the blog to learn about chemical free furniture and chemically free living, you came to the right place. The Futon Shop would like to welcome Hannah Ransom: a certified fertility awareness educator since 2013, who empowers women on Holistic Hormonal Health. Hannah is a wonderful resource on topics such as sustainability, women’s health, permaculture and all things natural. Below is her review of the chemical free futon mattress she selected as her everyday mattress to sleep on.

The Futon Shop Product Reviews
I was recently looking for a good non-toxic mattress and decided that I would find a wool mattress since it is a material that can compost and I wouldn't have any need to get a doctors note for a mattress without flame retardants. Unfortunately, most mattresses are not only made with conventional and synthetic fabrics, but are doused with flame retardants as well (probably because the synthetic materials are extra flammable). Because I was looking for a non-toxic wool mattress I found the futon shop and was able to try some of their mattresses out at the showroom. I loved that the tranquility2 was mostly wool and cotton (it does have some springs in it) so that it would be recyclable and compostable when it's useful life is over. I also loved the softness of the tranquility2. It seems softer than a normal futon mattress (I guess because of the springs) and is very pleasant for sleeping on as a side sleeper. I could probably have gone for one firmer in terms of long term comfort, but I am a sucker for soft and so is my husband. I know this mattress is listed as firm, but I would not consider it firm at all. If you want something a bit firmer, go with one that has the latex and wool in it. I have had the mattress for 3 months and so far I am very happy with the solid construction and consistent feel.
Hannah Ransom
Certified Fertility Awareness Educator

More about Hannah: Hannah empowers women by educating them on their bodies. She has studied women’s health and fertility, has a degree in nutritional and is certified as a fertility awareness educator.

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