Home For The Holidays: Thanksgiving Tips On Staying On Budget

  The Futon Shop Gives 5 Tips To Stay On Budget For Thanksgiving


 Thanksgiving for most Americans has always been about making new memories of good food and good company. It is the memories that bring together family from near and far, cooking recipes that have been passed down from generation upon generations, and laughter and good times had by all. It is football with your neighbors and rooting for your team on the big screen. Memories of kids running through the house and laughter from new and old friends that mean the world to us. It is long hugs from kids coming home from college and stories being told by the elders. It is the competitive nature of siblings during the post dinner games that often get heated, and it it is the warm spiced drinks cheering together with thoughtful toasts. It is these very traditions on Thanksgiving that we are all reminded that we are grateful for the family and friends we have in our life and that we are safe and healthy this time around. Thanksgiving is not only about the food, but creating meaningful memories and being thankful for what we have. Surrounded by all these traditions takes a few steps to go smoothly and sometimes the pressure for a special Thanksgiving can get a little overwhelming. The Futon Shop gives 5 tips on how to have a stress-free Thanksgiving.

1) Set Your Priorities: 
 -Set a menu list 
-Organic vs. Non Organic Ingredients
-Do you want to invite guests to spend the night or give hotel lists

2) Set An Actual Budget
-Look at what you can afford and then make a list of who you want to invite
-Ask other to bring appetizers or a a favorite dish if money is getting too tight

3) Online Coupons
-There are many deals from grocery stores- cut out and compare
-Ask your facebook friends for tips on where they are shopping and who has coupons
-If there is two for one- shop with a friend and split the check
4) Use Alternative Choices
- Try Making A Vegetarian Thanksgiving- Check out The Food Network Vegetarian Food Recipes Page
- Instead of Buying Sofabeds, try looking for futon coupons as a sofabed.
- If it is a small gathering- a whole turkey is not needed. Try just the Breast. Or buy a couple Cornish Gamehens 
-Save on Decorations by browsing Pinterest and get DIY Crafty.

5) Get Ahead Of The Game  
-Try To Plan ahead by ordering food weeks ahead before the prices increase

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