Living Chemical Free: Shopping For Chemical Free Mattresses

Chemical Free Mattresses: Three Dangers To Stay Away From 

Living Chemically free starts in the home. Purchasing a chemically free mattress can be easy, but there are a two subjects that consumers need to be knowledgable about when mattress shopping.
Flame Retardants, specifically the chemical ones made with toxic ingredients, should be omitted from one’s home. This is a huge problem when poisonous chemicals slowly seep into the air from your mattress and cause deadly and dangerous health concerns. Equally as dangerous and concerning are petrochemicals found in mattresses with different latex and foams mattress combinations. There are alternatives for consumers when choosing a mattress for ones family and it is out there, you just need to know the right questions. 

Consumers have the right to choose safe products for their home and family, especially when it comes to what you sleep on. Here are 2 issues to be aware of and to ask for on your search for a chemical free mattress.

 1) Know What Fire Retardants Are In Your Mattress: Mattresses must be fire resistant according to federal law 16CFR Part 1633. The federal law requires that states all mattresses must pass an open flame test. If a customer does not want any chemicals from fire retardants in their mattress, the US consumer Product Safety Commission under regulated FDA Flammability requires 16CFR part 1633, with a doctor’s prescription. The Futon Shop has a chemical free line of mattresses using wool as The Fire Retardant. TFS has created the healthiest and safest mattresses for their consumers, designing 17 futon mattresses with wool as a fire retardant, instead of filling their mattresses with chemicals as a fire retardant. The Futon Shop has many options for comfort and sizes, but it is what’s inside that counts.

 2) Ask About Petrochemicals In Your Mattress 
Petrochemicals in a mattress means petroleum chemicals were added in during the process and manufacturing foams or latex. Latex is a natural liquid from sap, but during the process not all process steer away from using chemicals to make the final product for latex mattresses. Certain Latex and all foams are made from petrols in the labs. These chemicals through unlimited amounts of studies have shown lethal side effects. In other words, stay away from products made from petroleum. The Futon Shop’s chemical free mattress line has only mattresses that are safe and have omitted any  petroleum based ingredient.  As for the latex, The Futon Shop uses 100% Dunlap organic latex, a natural made latex that uses no chemicals when it is made. 

3) No pesticides 
In The Futon Shop mattresses, cotton is the main product in order to make futons bendable in the couch position. In the chemical free mattress line the mattresses are filled with cotton that have been farmed by organic farmers. 

When shopping for a new mattress, knowing about fire retardants and petrochemicals can help one pick a mattress that is healthy and safe. Picking the right mattress can be tricky enough when choosing the size and comfort level, but knowing whether it has toxins in it can be the biggest decision when it comes to your health and safety.

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