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Sleep Naturally On An Organic Latex Mattress
Organic Latex Mattress
Organic Latex Mattress

What Ingredients Are Best When Picking A Mattress?
When looking for a mattress, it is important to be able to identify what is in the mattress, such as  how the mattress is made and knowing what is in each and every ingredient that is inside. Unfortunately, sometimes this proves to be a tricky proposition, often because the stores and companies selling mattresses in the stores and online try to confuse the consumer during the whole process to distract the consumer from the glaring issues that may arise. Chemicals are used everywhere, from hand soap to gelatin. You can bet they can  be found in your mattress. Some chemicals may be absolutely shocking because they may be found perhaps on the back of your favorite soda or a can of soup. Do companies share this with you. Often it is a big fat no. As a consumer, it is important to do the research.
It is no surprise that many people are dissatisfied with the status quo and are looking forward to a safer and healthier future free from pesticides and additives. For people of a similar understanding, Latex is an absolute blessing.
Let’s Talk  Latex:
Latex is a generic term that has been used in the scientific community since the 17th century, described as the milky fluid that is naturally occurring in certain plants and trees. This is a completely separate substance from sap and with totally different properties.
Though a fellow Scotsman named Robert William Thomson had patented the design of the rubber tire, John Boyd Dunlop had perfected the manufacture of rubber and eventually became an important early producer of tires. The idea that made Dunlop famous was the process of how to solidify liquid latex into a solid. The process that it used to make latex foam is somewhat different, but still largely based off of Dunlop’s work in all Dunlop latex foam.
Latex can be gathered in many different plants, and can be: synthetic, natural, or blended when making latex foam. The Naturalux™ latex that companies like The Futon Shop uses is entirely composed of responsibly harvested rubber tree sap from tropical rubber trees. Malaysia, a core developer of latex, is the foremost producer of latex in the world. This foam is then whipped, much like cake batter, and then laid into a mold containing hollow needles. These needles release steam throughout the entire mold, which cures the gelatinous latex foam into the solidified form making a latex mattress.
Another term in the latex world is Talalay latex, which was invented by the Talalay family and is largely similar to Dunlap, but the mold is vacuum-sealed, the latex frozen, and then vulcanized (superheated) as normal. The Futon Shop also offers natural Talalay latex in addition to the standard Naturalux™ Dunlop latex.
So why choose latex over conventional mattress ingredients? It is plain to see with a little research: Latex is natural, non-toxic, emissions-free, hypo-allergenic and breathable, allowing better air flow to your body, while at the same time providing essential support to your spine and cradling you to a better night’s sleep. In addition, Latex is extremely durable and has a long lifespan, often lasting 15-20 years in many of our natural mattresses.
The Futon Shop futon mattress come is many sizes: single, twin, double/full, queen size Mattress and king.
For more information check out The Futon Shop Blog and learn more about our mattress products featuring latex.

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