A Look Into Organic Living

What’s So Appealing About Organic Living?

Written by Casey, 
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 The word Organic has been picked up by many brand companies, increased its face in the scientific world, and ultimately over the past decade has crossed generations trending throughout the media. The word Organic is a top trend in the United States of America, with Australia following as a close second. So how does organic play a part in people's life and apply to the general population?



 Let's Go To Science Class:

Our clothes, our food, our homes, and our health are all in the hands of the scientific community in a large way. The word Organic has received a lot of hype in the past decade or so due to the advances in science.  Simply put, organic products such as hemp, cotton, and an array of foods are traditionally grown in farms. Before the world of pesticide strands and GMO experiments, chemical and pesticide free products were grown by our great grandparents. Part of the scientific approach is to research and experiment, which is in place to ensure that the hypothesis are valid and the theories are turned into facts. Another aspect of science is that a true scientist will tell you that sometimes, previously known facts have been proven to be wrong, and new theories and facts come in their place that are then tested and tried. 

What Has the Research Shown Us Thus far?

We live in a world filled with pesticides, GMO’s, VOC’s, Radiation, and mutating viruses, so we have to be careful what we allow ourselves to interact with on a daily basis. Science largely impacts the world of organic products as they have done a vast majority of research to improve the quality of human life: such as the combustion engine, metalworking, and the wooden wheel. The challenge facing the health of our bodies and Earth is that scientists have modified plants to better resist weather, harmful insects, and lack of soil fertility even though it can harm more problems in the long run.

We are still learning and seeing the effects of the latter and research still needs to be conducted. Just sixty years ago nobody had a clue that smoking tobacco was related to cancer. And even the greatest supercomputer was nothing more than vacuum tubes and primitive wiring that roughly had less computational ability than a calculator! The question is: do we wait for researchers to give us the answers or do we jump in and experiment not knowing what the effects are?

Living Organically Is Not The Same For All People

Being aware of harmful effects of pesticides and GMO's can mean the world to a lot of people. There is a range and priority that people tend to fit into. There are people that go all organic and they wear, sleep, eat and live an organic lifestyle. Then there are people that feel the need to not be too stressed out over all the areas and decide to pick their battles and pick maybe one or two to stay organic. It is okay to fit what is right for your lifestyle, and there are plenty options in food, clothing, furniture and so forth to choose from.
Being aware and knowledgeable of the research done on GMO's and the like just means that there is an overall understanding and need for many people interested in organic living that do not want to add dangerous toxins in their life and harm their body. It means living a natural life and providing one's world with natural things in one's body and home.  

Choosing An Organic Lifestyle? What Next?

There are means to reduce our reliance on chemicals and harmful toxins in our life.

1) Self Sufficiency
Hunting and/or fishing enthusiasts

2) Farmers
There are whole communities that live out in the country, no electricity and little outside amenities in America namely Mennonites and Amish folk. For most people, this is not an option, since we like our comfort and easy way of life. Most people like to live a lifestyle that is practical, so what’s left to do? Start slowly by shopping at organic shops and locally made products. This slowly tells companies there is a need and  demand. Furthermore, companies offer more organic products. Buy organic cotton or wool clothing! Buy organically grown fruits and vegetables! Buy meat and animal products that’s hormone free and from free range animals! Not only are these items a lot better for you, they taste better and help you stay fit and healthy. It is also important to support sustainable and organic farmers.

Natural is reliable, verifiably healthy, and has been around way before scientist created GMOs and pesticides to improve profits. In the seventies, people that stood for eco-friendly products and lifestyle may have been labeled trippy hippies and judged as too esoteric and paranoid, but todays thought about organic products has changed the theme of organic living. People are asking what is inside their food and products they buy, as well as beginning conversations on social media venues. This has created an increase in sales in organic products. Such products that have increased in the market are: hybrid cars, organic selection in the supermarkets, chemical free mattresses, Natural Bed Frames, futons, and furniture. Even politicians have stepped up to the plate and have joined the organic movement and have advocated and pushed for more research and bills that help consumers know what is inside and harmful to all of us. The Internet is a fountain of knowledge and has played a huge part in the organic trend and discussion on organic living. Journalists alike have written articles with opinions and research to back the argument and fear about chemicals and pesticides. So yes, keep your recycled plastic phone, hop into your hybrid electric car, and enjoy your solar panel equipped home. If knowing that organic living isn’t just an esoteric idea for people who like to complain, but rather a practical and socially responsible way of living that encourages us to look forward to the future, than maybe we all could get a better night sleep knowing we are making healthy decisions for our bodies and our environment.

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