No Danger in Sleeping Chemical Free

The Futon Shop’s chemical free mattress line are made by hand by futon mattress specialist for over 30 years. Hand made in California, our futons have only pure organic and chemical free ingredients.

What does Chemical free mean?

1) Pesticide free
2) no Chemical fire retardants..only wool as a fire retardant
3) NO Vocs
4) No Petrochemicals

We have a line of mattresses with boric acid as a fire retardant, but the chemical free line just uses wool as a fire retardant and our foams and latex has no treated fire retardant in any of them.

We have full control what goes inside our mattress and it is what inside that counts. Full control with farm to bedroom, we use only natural ingredients in our chemical free line futon mattresses. We innovate the best and highly organic sourced materials for our mattresses.  We have been selling to families in California and around the country since 1976 and take pride that we make our own mattress and customize for our loyal customers.

With the health and comfort in mind, the new chemical free line of futon mattresses fit any comfort level and omit any dangers to your health and no harm to the environment. We use sustainable practices and eco friendly material.

Here are the ingredients that make up some of our chemical free mattreses
-Organic Dunlap Latex
-Organic Cotton
-Virgin Wool
-Pocket Coils
-Steel Springs

Wool is the one common ingredient in all our chemical free mattress line. Wool used as a chemical free natural fire retardant. As a law federally in mattresses, mattress companies must adhere to regulations surrounding fire retardants. The Futon Shop uses wool in their chemical free line of mattresses because of its natural properties to distinguish any chance of fire. Wool is not only a great fire retardant, but is hypoallergenic, dustmite free, and is a regulating thermostat for a restful sleep, and resilient making a mattress last for years and with heavy use.

The Futon Shop is associated with such organizations as:

-Sustainable Furniture Council and Organic Trade Association
-USDA Organic and eco-friendly practices
-GOTS certified. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) in an international textile processing standard for around the world
-Mattresses meet the rules and regulation standards of 16 CFR 1633, using wool as a natural fire retardant.
-NO PBDE( PolyBrominated Diphenyl Ethers) or boric acid in any of our chemical free mattresses.

Any of our chemical free mattresses can be shipped to your doorstep with and shipped around the USA or come into any of our California based showrooms and try one of futon mattresses today.

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Here is a a Great place to start your Organic Journey: Futon in San Francisco
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