Wallhugger Futon Frame: Functional Modern Couch

 Wallhugger Futon Frame
Rockwell Wallhugger Futon Frame

Rockwell Wallhugger Futon Frame    

Back To School Special is Now going on at The Futon  


The Wallhugger Futon Frames come  in a a wide variety of finishes and styles.
The Rockwell  Wallhugger Futon Frame  is a sleek frame with a modern twist. The functional wallhugger does not need to be moved away from the wall, plus the Rockwell has a special addition to it. As a frame without arms, it gives a little more. The Benefits of a frame without arms gives spaces for the person sleeping near the wall. Have you ever slept on a futon with someone else and had to get up. It is very uncomfortable and sometimes annoying to have to climb over your partner in the middle of the night. With The Rockwell, you only need to sit up and step out. 

Check out the Functional Rockwell wallhugger: 

it comes in Maple or Black


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