Tips To Deal With Insomnia

 Tips To Deal With Insomnia's true adults need less sleep than the younger crowd, but getting those 7-9 hours of sleep does get harder after hard days at work or the daily grind of life and challenges.

Many of the reasons for insomnia or just lack of a good night's rest:

-stress( school, work, family, marriage issues, illness, or major change in life)
-drinking caffeine, alcohol, and changing regular morning routine
-job change to a night shift
-traveling creating jet lag
-environmental blockers( light, tv, temperature, snoring companion, and comfort of the bed)
-illness and pain

all the above are important factors to help get some Z's, the the one that The Futon Shop can help is with the comfort of one's bed:

try these popular beds that are meant for sleeping on:

1) stratus: the first level for guests-
this spring cotton futon mattress feels like a traditional mattress, but without the high price. 

here is the list of a number of spring futon mattresses. 

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