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The Futon Shop in San Mateo is one of our stores with a customer favorite sales person. The Manager Burt is one of the longest standing sales person we have had over the years since 1976. Burt takes pride and knows all the ins and out of what makes the best futon and helped 100's of family's and customers alike find the best bed and couch. 

Please call (650) 573-1082
or come into the San Mateo showroom at 1731 S. El Camino Real

Here are some reviews from Yelp and other review websites:

My Futon mattress was about 20 yrs old and I really needed a new one. Still had the frame but, the mattress had to go. The Futon Shop was the place for me. I found a new mattress, cover and it was delivered to my door with the old mattress taken away. The fine customer service we received from Burt really helped us to make up our mind and to feel comfortable with a big purchase like this. Thank you to Burt and Futon Shop. We are very happy with our new bed....

5/30/2012 3 check-ins here
Eco-Friendly, organic, nontoxic...

...are all words that got me interested in what The Futon Shop had to offer.  Burt is the one who closed the deal. Hey, if you've got a good product with a salesperson that is willing to go out of their way to make sure you walk a away happy~~  you are going to have a successful business.

I have yet to sleep on my new eco-friendly bed, but the purchasing process was one of the smoothest ones I've had in a long time. I am getting the bed delivered and the bed stand assembled for a very reasonable fee ($70, because I got the most difficult one in the shop...the Captain's Bed). There is a satisfaction guarantee according to Burt; if I don't like it, I can return it for another bed until I find the right fit. Burt knows his beds! I highly recommend going to check out the futon store (in San Mateo)!

I've never been too fond of futons in all honesty, but now they've got super high tech versions with springs, organic cotton and wool, as well as nontoxic latex! This store also has a ton of different types of shapes, sizes and styles for beds, sofas and even cribs!

Also, they do financing with no fees if you have good credit and make each payment on time! Woo hoo! I love this place!

When you think of futons, you think of that pile of crap in your old buddies bachelor pad, where you felt the metal bars digging into your back when you crashed on it. Well, these ain't your ol' buddies futons! I was super impressed with the selection and quality of these futons, who knew a futon could be so nice and visually appealing. The salesman, Burt, seemed to know everything there was to know about futons, it was quite impressive. He was not pushy at all, but gave me relevant knowledge about each piece, stacking up my needs with the different pieces of furniture, helping me figure out what was the best for my buck. Overall it was a great experience.

Great service from Burt.  Knowledgeable, no pressure and offered agreeable solutions to special delivery instructions.  Handled an exchange professionally and completely to our satisfaction.
Price ranges a good buy.  We will patronize again and highly recommend to family and friends.
C. Louie
C. Smyth

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