Mattress Toppers: Advised By Consumer Reports

 Mattress Toppers: Advised By Consumer Reports

The Futon Shop Offers 8 different Mattress Toppers. What is the advantage of a Mattress Topper?
According to the editors of Consumer's reports in an article June 23rd 2013, Consumer Reports' latest tests confirm that "more coils, fancier fabrics and frills found on pricier models don't guarantee a better mattress. And the best mattress isn't always necessarily the firmest, even for those who suffer from back pain." Furthermore, Consumer Reports advises consumers to purchase a  Mattress topper to improve a bed that is too firm for one's comfort level.

Here is the list of  The Futon Shop's Exclusive American Made Mattress Toppers:

1) Teddy Bear 2-  2 layers of Organic Wool,

2) Teddy Bear 3- 3 layers of Organic Wool

3) Teddy Bear 5- 5 layers of Organic Wool

The above 3 mattress have wool inside, which gives a plush feel and an added comfort quality to one's mattress. Wool's properties are magical. It is hypo-allergenic for the sensitive sleeper, as well as mold and mildew resistant. All of The Futon Shop mattresses are made in San Francisco and are Chemical Free

4) Phiten Empower Mattress Pad- Organic wool

5) Phiten Renew Mattress Pad- Organic Latex

6) Phiten Find Mattress Pad- Organic Wool, Natural Dunlap Latex, and Organic Staple Cotton

The Futon Shop's Phiten Mattresses are a new addition to The Futon Shop's Mattress Line.
Phiten's Organic Mattress Toppers natural ingredients of Aqua Titanium has been studied and proven to help one's body rejuvenate while resting and sleeping. It has been used by many athletes to help them recovery after hard workouts and training.

7) Viscose Memory Foam Mattress Pad- Viscose Mattress Pads give an added quality to sleep because of its quality to molds to the body and it's brings heat and pressure the longer one lays on it. Finally, memory foam distributes body weight, decreasing tossing and turning throughout the night.

 8) Serenity Natural Latex Mattress Pad- Latex Mattress toppers are anti-microbial, it can compress and has a resiliency that makes it last for a long lifetime, hypoallergenic, as well as temperature regulating.

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