History of Memory Foam

             Where Did The Invention of The Memory Foam Mattress Come From?

It was in the 1960's when a man by the name Charles Yost, an aeronautical engineer  designed the technology for the Apollo command module for its astronauts for a safe landing. a few years later, Yost then created safety for Nasa's Ames Research Center for airplane seating. The design was set around making the comfort and safety with the effect of creating seats that could absorb  the energy of the a crash and decrease harm and pain. In doing so, Yost created a special type of plastic foam that to that day was a surprising result of a seat that could absorb such powerful pressure and then return to its original shape. 

Now...the same product has been transformed as a the viscose memory foam mattress in all the stores. The Futon Shop layers their  memory foam mattresses with the greenest ingredients in the market. 

What makes a memory foam futon mattress green? Yes...green. It is eco-friendly. Meaning....the least amount of chemicals. Memory foam is a great invention, but bring into your home all the petrochemicals that it takes to make any kind of foam mattress can harm you and your family. 

The Futon Shop's futon mattress with soy foam and memory soy-foam is the top green futon retailer in the nation that has the least amount of petrochemicals in their memory foam futon mattresses as well as not allowing any fire retardants int he foam. They are unique because they manufacture their own green and organic mattresses, giving them complete control of what goes in their mattresses. 

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