Pick The Color Of Your Dreams

According to a new study about color and sleep, the color you choose can have a major effect on your sleep.

Colour Therapy & Holistic Interior Design consultant, Suzy Chiazzari, said: ‘Your bedroom décor can certainly impact upon your quality and quantity of sleep per night. 


Blue7 hrs 52mins
Yellow7 hrs 40mins
Green 7 hrs 36 mins
Silver7 hrs 33 mins
Orange7 hrs 28 mins
Red6 hrs 58 mins
Gold6 hrs 43 mins
Grey6 hrs 12 mins
Brown 6 hrs 05 mins
Purple5 hrs 56 mins

According to the study:
"Although many people think purple creates a sense of luxury in the bedroom, this colour can reduce the number of hours of sleep you attain. 
‘Purple has a strong connection with the more artistic community being a colour reported to stimulate creativity and the unconscious mind. Therefore sleeping in a purple room is more likely to promote vivid dreams or even nightmares; resulting in you feeling tired in the morning." quote from the dailymail.co.uk

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