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Perspective Changing TV has a casting call for a new reality television show. There goal is to show the reality of a parenting style. They ask: "What’s your parenting style? You could be featured on a new cable series."
Are you an attachment parent? Tiger Mom? A green parent? Free range? Authoritative? Permissive? Or do you have a style that’s all your own?

As a mother of a 14 month old son, I see lots of different parenting styles at the playground. Of course I am interested in green parenting because that is what I consider myself or try to apply as much as possible. I personally would love to see a show about green parents and their family and the day to day challenges of issues around living organically. I know I am so blessed and lucky to live in California, where there are endless options for food and bedding. Organic memory futons, pesticide free organic mattresses, organic memory foam mattresses, and natural latex mattresses are hard to find in the midwest and in other countries as well.  I believe that a story told about how and why green living is essential for the health of the world and our bodies can make a difference in so many lives. Knowledge is power and a new reality show about green parenting would be a great first step in spreading the world globally. 
I would love to see this on a new reality show, so here is the info:
The production company is looking for parents with diverse perspectives on parenting for a new series on a national cable network.
Interested? Send your name, phone number, e-mail address, a description of your family/parenting style, and a photo to
More info available at

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