Join The Fight Against Toxins In Your Couches!

Join The Futon Shop with their fight against Chemicals in couches and furniture! Buy only Organic futon mattresses with no chemicals.
click on The Safer Chemicals and Healthy family Campaign to join the fight!

The Safer Chemical and Healthy Family Campaign Thanks The Futon Shop:
Thank you for standing up for toxic-free couches and sending a message about cancer-causing flame retardants! We're fighting every day to make sure our laws keep our children safe from toxic chemicals. Will you help fund our work fighting for safer chemicals?

Dear Chief Blood:

I’m tired of having to worry about the health effects of toxic flame retardants in my home and children’s products. I am pleased to see the updated fire safety rule (TB 117-2013) is step forward for better fire safety, without relying on the use of harmful flame retardant chemicals. The old TB 117 does not provide a fire safety benefit and led to the use of toxic chemicals in our furniture and baby products.

Thank you for taking a science-based approach to our health and safety that puts California at the forefront of change towards safer products without unnecessary chemical hazards.

Please ensure that the process of finalizing this rule is not delayed. Our children and families deserve both fire safety and swift protection from toxic flame retardant chemicals.


Marilyn( The Futon Shop)

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