Celebrate Sleep Awareness Week

Celebrate Sleep Awareness Week with The Futon Shop

here are 5 simple reasons why sleeping on Organic is Key:

1) There are no worries that Sleeping on a chemical free mattress has harmed the earth in any way, when purchasing a mattress that has chemicals introduces water pollution from the pesticides in the soil and water. Organic cotton mattresses made by the The Futon Shop have pesticide free cotton, so this process improves water utilization and increases biodiversity for an ecobalance between pests and insect.

2) Buying local shows you care about your community and shows social accountability.

3) Decreases Allergies. Sleeping on organic mattresses have showed great benefits for consumers with allergies and a sensitivity to flame retardants and foams with petrochemicals.

4) It can better your health. Chemicals have shown to increase diseases such as infertility, cancer, asthma, and weakness just to name a few.

5) A better night sleep for babies and Pregnant women. Pesticides and other toxins can increase the chance of neurological and behavioral problems.
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