Organic Crib Mattress

The Futon Shop’s Organic Crib Mattresses:
Our organic crib mattresses, do NOT CONTAIN chemicals like arsenic, phosphorus, and antimony. There’s so much concern over the minutest choices a new mom makes, the most important detail I’ve ever heard regarding an infant in its first year is this – your new baby, between the ages of birth and one year, will sleep more than 70% of the time. Given that statistic, where your new baby sleeps on his or her new Organic Crib Mattress is probably the most important decision you have to make before you bring your new baby home.

The Futon Shop’s California factory is solely dedicated to manufacturing green and eco-friendly mattresses. The Lullaby Collection: baby crib collection, has only the best Organic materials to ensure an environmentally safe home for you and your new baby. In 2009 the CSPIA banned certain phthalates from crib mattresses. The Futon Shop has three crib mattress options that are phthalate free, with an organic crib protector that is water proof inside for easy washing and mattress protection.

  • Our organic cotton crib mattress, The Lullaby, keeps babies cool in the summer and dry and warm in the winter; plus it’s chemical-free and hypoallergenic so it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.
  • Our organic latex crib mattress, The Hush-a-Bye, has the same organic cotton as the Lullaby crib organic mattress , but with organic latex cores whose natural springiness molds to the little ones form, reducing pressure and pinching that keeps babies from falling asleep.
  • Or choose our new organic cotton spring crib mattress, The Rock-a-Bye, which is a lot like a traditional spring organic cotton crib mattress in that is firm yet soft to your babies body, but is made with all organic cotton and the foam padding for the springs is hybrid foam made with soy bean oil for the most natural night's rest a baby can have in a crib.

 Why Organic And Why The Futon Shop:
The Alliance for Toxic-Free Fire Safety found through studies at Duke University, that it is imperative that babies sleep on chemical free products because they are more susceptible to harsh environmental dangers. “The 2010 and 2011 analysis of baby products donated from volunteers, showed that 80% of products tested contained hazardous or untested chemical flame retardants.” A 2008 article written in a CNN news report, quoted Dr Alan Greene, a professor of pediatrics at Stanford University in Palo Alto, as saying that "although it can be expensive, if a parent spends his money on one “green” item, he said it would be an organic crib mattress." A new mother can protect an innocent child in the womb, but when it comes to the harsh reality of the dangers once they are born, parent’s can protect newborns by buying a healthy mattress void of toxic chemicals that emit indoor air pollution. Buying organic cotton products for newborns guarantees a safer and healthier planet for future generations and the earth.
In the CNN report, Dr Green is also quoted as stating that conventional crib mattresses are often made of polyurethane foam, which is basically solid petroleum, putting-off gasoline fumes that become extremely flammable. Most companies that develop mattresses with polyurethane and traditional crib mattress load up their mattresses with a multitude of deadly flame retardants that sit in the foam and emit the chemical into the air.
Crib-mattress-reviews reports found dangers found in crib mattresses are BPA, Phthalates, PFOA, and PBDE. The Futon Shop eliminates the exposure to toxic chemicals you might find in other crib mattresses by using organic ingredients. BPA aka bisphenola is used for the lining of traditional crib mattress, but not ours! Phthalates, is another unsafe toxin, which helps waterproof crib mattresses as does PFOA perfluorooctanoic aka c8. The Futon Shop uses a waterproofing on our organic cotton textile for crib mattresses without either of these toxic chemicals. And PBDE's will never be found in any of The Futon Shop products because they do not use dangerous fire retardards. So whether you are buying mattresses for adults or children; buy green, buy organic, buy American.
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