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Quite Pleased in Chicago

I looked throughout the whole internet and the good ole USA for a totally pesticide, chemical, polymer, plastic free futon. I came up with FutonShop of SF, CA.
I LOVE MY NEW FUTON - - a 100% organic cotton futon!!!
The shipping was a bit excessive, but it was heavy and came 2,000 miles.
The price was quite reasonable, none the less. It arrived fifteen minutes at the start of the 3 hour window!!!
Loved talking to the two fellas at the shop. They answered all my queries!!!
-Larry R. FRom Chicago

I believe that the folks at The Futon Shop know something about customer service. As much as we want every transaction we enter into to be perfect--things do happen. In my opinion the proof of a really good company is what they do in those instances when it goes a little haywire. Read on.

I wanted a bed for my studio and decided on an XL twin organic futon mattress, with platform frame. I worked with two sales people, Joe and Karil. Both were extremely informative and very patient--I'm kind of picky! There was a snafu with the company that builds the frames--they sent a regular twin rather than an XL. I had to wait an extra two weeks. My bed arrived looking exactly like what I hoped it would be. However, there was a problem--the mattress was a tad too large for the frame. I took photographs and emailed the company and within 24 hours I got a phone call. Four hours later I was visited by Suzie from  the SF location. She saw the problem immediately, made no excuses and this morning I got a call that my new mattress will be delivered next Tuesday.
Jennifer H. Richmond, Ca

We went here looking for a comfortable futon to replace an uncomfortable fold out bed at Grandpa's. Burt was extremely helpful and clear in his descriptions of the choices and the pros and cons of each. He listened and presented highest quality and value. They are also having a sale if you buy frame and mattress , that took $250 off the total! Great shopping, so far, so good!
Amy B. Walnut Creek, CA

This store had everything I was looking for in a futon. I purchased an extremely comfortable mattress which actually specialized in back support. The employee was very knowledgeable about all the products, and showed me how each futon folds up and down. Now all my guests are impressed with my purchase and are surprised with how comfortable they are when they are when the sleep on it after spending the day sitting on it.
This store is awesome and the employees are very informative about their products.
 Mary C Martinez, CA

I couldn't have had a better experience. Our new futon was delivered and assembled today and it is SWEEEET!! With that aside, Burt really was the one who made it final. My fiancee and I spent hours (yes, 6 hours) trying to decide on what mattress to go with the frame. The frame part was easy. But my fiancee doesn't decide on things as quickly as I do. She weighs every single option. But Burt didn't care. He wanted us to be happy. And are we ever. He catered to everything single little thing we asked for. Can we see that color? Can we put this one down? What's the difference between this and that? Without hesitation and without complaint Burt is THE MAN!

I honestly didn't really want a futon. But with guests coming and family it did make sense. I thought of futons as metal frames and flimsy mattresses. Not so. Great selection, great mattresses, and most of all excellent, above and beyond service.

Thanks Burt. Andrea promises not to move any more mattresses.
Mark H. San Francisco, ca

5/30/2012 3 Check-ins Here
Eco-Friendly, organic, nontoxic...

...are all words that got me interested in what The Futon Shop had to offer.  Burt is the one who closed the deal. Hey, if you've got a good product with a salesperson that is willing to go out of their way to make sure you walk a away happy~~  you are going to have a successful business.

I have yet to sleep on my new eco-friendly bed, but the purchasing process was one of the smoothest ones I've had in a long time. I am getting the bed delivered and the bed stand assembled for a very reasonable fee ($70, because I got the most difficult one in the shop...the Captain's Bed). There is a satisfaction guarantee according to Burt; if I don't like it, I can return it for another bed until I find the right fit. Burt knows his beds! I highly recommend going to check out the futon store (in San Mateo)!

I've never been too fond of futons in all honesty, but now they've got super high tech versions with springs, organic cotton and wool, as well as nontoxic latex! This store also has a ton of different types of shapes, sizes and styles for beds, sofas and even cribs!

Also, they do financing with no fees if you have good credit and make each payment on time! Woo hoo! I love this place!
Cannandra E. Bay Area

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