American Made Bed frames

The Futon Shop introduces Their Greenest bed frames: 

Platform Beds made from solid wood Walnut, Cherry, Maple and Oak

And American Made

Dapwood is a boutique manufacturing company located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. who designs and build products out of American woods that are FSC certified SOLID hardwoods with no finish or a simple flaxseed oil.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an internationally recognized program that signifies responsible forestry. Our hardwood lumber supplier’s 50,000+ acres of timberland are all FSC certified. By utilizing wood from FSC forests, we encourage sustainable practices that lead to long-term environmental stability.

As for Oil:
Linseed (or sometimes called Flaxseed) oil is one of the oldest oils known to mankind. You may see something called “Boiled Linseed Oil” in home centers but that product is far removed from our finish. We only use the natural oil from the Flax plant that is heated in the absence of oxygen. This heating polymerizes the oil and allows it to cure faster. Linseed oil has a slight “grass-like” odor that dissipates over time. This odor assures you that the product is natural and doesn’t contain metal driers or other petroleum based products. The oil we use is the same product (only heated) that you might find in a natural foods store for sale as a nutritional supplement.

As for Fabric:
We only use natural cotton for the strapping that holds the bed slats together as well as for dresser drawers. While we understand that cotton production can often use high amounts of pesticides we still feel it is a better choice over petroleum-based plastics such as nylon and polyester. It is our goal to find suppliers of more environmentally friendly products such as hemp, jute or organic cotton.

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