Wool Pillow Toppers

4 Premium Wool Pillow toppers:
100% Virgin Wool futon mattresses are hypo-allergenic, mold and mildew resistant, no motion transfer and most importantly chemical-free. A wool mattress will last a life time and will offers you all the comfort and support that you need. The contemporary bed-time story, by The Better Sleep Council suggest that two thirds of Americans lose sleep due to stress or some form insomnia. The Wool Mattresses ensures comfort and support for a restful night sleep. Wool added to any mattress helps your body control temperature during sleep. During the winter months wool keeps you warm and during the summer months keeps you cool. Because wool wicks away moisture you stay comfort and dry throughout the night. Our American grown wool is not only eco-friendly is crimp like a spring to add support and loft to any futon mattress.
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