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San Francisco, CA
I was in the market nice looking sofa that I could also use as a guest bed. Turns out there are no good looking sofa beds out there. Sorry. Move along. Nothing to see here. But wait! Hold on just a second!

I stumbled on to The Futon Shop. What the Frack?!? These things look good, appear to be easy to convert to a bed (videos on their site) and are super mega ultra cheap (20% off sale). I had to investigate this.

After reading the reviews on Yelp I was a little scared of buying one. But I gave them a shot. I just loved the way the Matrix looked. What happened next you won't believe. It's a total scam. No I'm kidding. You should have seen the look on your face.

Service was great, price was awesome, delivery was on time and I'm very impressed with the quality of the sofa. If it doesn't collapse on me within 6 months I'm coming back to edit my rating to 5!
I have observed several negative reviews for the Palo Alto shop so I decided it was time to weigh in with our experiences. Have now bought two futon couches from them over the past several years (the most recent this month). We have had nothing but good experiences with excellent in-store service, rapid reliable deliveries and high-quality products. The manager of the Palo Alto store is a really good guy - very well-informed about his products, non-pushy, and attentive to details. Highly recommend them!

So my boss wanted me to look into futons for our company apartment. I've always seen the futon shop, so decided what better place to get a futon than a futon shop.

I browsed their online site, which had every option possible regarding futons, from the base to covers.

I went into the store to see if I can get a better deal than the internet deals. Robert was there to help right when I walked in. He knew exactly what I was looking for and showed me anything possible that was the exact or almost exact futons I was looking for from the internet.  I also tried to get me the best deal possible and it came out to be a little cheaper than the website.

I didn't place the order right then and there since I needed to clear the price with the big boss. I made a call in the next day and Tony was more than happy to help with the order.  He also knew exactly what I wanted and made the phone order a breeze.  He even made the price a little cheaper! Since I spend a certain price, I got free delivery and setup!

Two futons, bases and covers later, everything was delivered 3 days later, setup with no trouble at all.  What great serve at the store and at the delivery center, Caesar.  They were all helpful and quick.

 I don't usually care for futons. Don't think they're comfortable. However, occasion recently arose for us to need a spare bed that could easily be folded up and put away. My online search yielded only thin, narrow, mostly child-size mats that didn't look like they'd be comfortable to use on wood floors, or non-foldable mats that would be a *&^%$ to store when not in use.

Hello, Futon Shop.

Thanks to a great online coupon and friendly customer service on the phone, we made the trek out to the bowels of San Jose to buy our futon mattress. We wouldn't go that far unless it was really important.

So glad we did!

We bought our mattress quickly, with no hassle. The service couldn't have been better. We were able to try the mattress first for comfort, and compare it to a thinner model to see which would best suit our needs.

The store itself is tastefully comfortable, with lots of colors and comfy places to sit. Spending time in a place like that might improve my feelings about futons! It really was nice.

I'd recommend calling ahead first to the particular store -- they have lots of locations -- to confirm that the color, size, thickness, etc. you want is in stock. It could take a week to come in if they have to order it. It's a fairly small space so it wouldn't be practical for them to stock every color/size in the store all the time.

We can't put a price on the ability to snuggle with a purring kitty wherever he wants, when said kitty has decided he doesn't want to be in the bedroom for whatever reason. We put a waterproof cover on it and there it is. And, if we ever have a surplus of sleepover guests and run out of beds, here's another bed. Might even make kind of a cool room divider when stood on its side, zig-zagged.

Even if we didn't need another mattress, it's a great place to browse and to experience niceness, a dying art in customer service.

Los Angeles, CA
I have to agree with everyone else. Mathew is great. I was looking to purchase an mattress from another place that sells organic bedding. But I decided to check into The Futon Shop just in case. Glad I did, I ended up getting an organic cotton and natural latex futon for less than half of what i would have paid for at the other place. Very pleased with my purchase. Mathew is very knowledgeable and patient. Thank you!

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San Jose, CA
Great products, and good service. But the thing that really set this place apart was the no-hassle approach, and the fact that the manager went above and beyond to help me and my wife by driving the frame to our apartment for free! We live fairly close, but it was still really nice. She even helped us unload it.  I don't think that is S.O.P., but it was sure cool of her anyways!

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