The Futon Shop's Cycle of life, "from farm to bedroom" is their new mission and way of life. If you are a new parent like myself, you understand the importance of knowing what toxins your are bringing in your home  may just  protect you and your family.

As a new mother I  noticed I had never really paid attention to organic products, or really anything that was not instantly gratifying until I became pregnant.

When I became pregnant with my son, I began to stop thinking just for myself and for the little boy that was growing inside me. I started doing research on topics such as what foods to eat, what exercises to do to stay healthy, the right amount of sleep, and what toxins I could eliminate from my house including my bedroom.

It turned out that the place I felt the most comfortable and safe was the most dangerous. The Futon Shop offers so many ways to sleep healthier. They have options for crib mattress, twin beds, double, queen, and king beds, as well as youth,  college, and living room furniture. The Futon Shop does not use any PBDE's, and each customer is asked if they would prefer an organic option to any of their mattresses.

When their are so many toxins in our environment, The Futon Shop helps you make the simple decision to sleep comfortable and at peace with no toxins.
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