Questions to ask when Futon Shopping

What is a futon?

1) What's inside a futon?

The word Futon originates from Japan; it actually means a complete bed unit ( shikibuton, futon and kakibuton.)
Many Eastern cultures sleep lower to the ground, while the Japanese named this style of bedding, the Futon. The Japanese sleep with a tatami mat or flooring, giving their cotton as well as cotton and wool mattresses breathing ability, their futons are thin so they can roll them up and store the futon in the closet during the day. The western cultures in the 70’s picked up this eastern tradition of sleeping on all natural fibers.

2)The Futon Shop’s history marks key points following the era of the Futon Frame time line. In 1980, William Brower a Boston architect who enjoyed working in wood, designed a beautiful black walnut hardwood futon frame that folded in three parts. This futon frame was displayed in the Arts and Craft museum next to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.The Futon Shop has been specializing in futon mattresses since 1976. Their futon mattresses all have the main ingredient, cotton.

You may pick from medium grade cotton, staple cotton, or organic cotton.

Then there are other options all depending on your comfort style. We have firm, medium, and soft: soy foams, springs, and individually pocketed coils, and latex and wool.

The Futon Shop has eight categories:
1) Chemical Free Mattresses At The Very Best Price!
2) Egyptian Cotton (futon mattresses with mainly cotton as the ingredient)
3) Comfort Care Collection ( futon mattresses with springs)
4) The Essence Collection (futon mattresses with wool and latex)
5) Royal Contour Soybean collection (futon mattresses with a lighter soybean foam feel)
6) Life enhancement Collection( futon mattresses with memory soyfoam)
7) Organic baby crib collection ( baby crib mattresses with 100% certified organic cotton)
8) Customize your mattress

What's inside my mattress?
The Futon Shop has been specializing in futon mattresses since 1976. Their futon mattresses all have the main ingredient, cotton. You may pick from medium grade cotton, staple cotton, or organic cotton.

Then there are other options all depending on your comfort style. We have firm, medium, and soft soy foams, springs, and individually pocketed coils, and latex and wool.

Will my futon lump?
Futons have come a long way. Ten to fifteen years ago, futon mattresses did not have any foam core and the cotton options were limited. Most shops selling futon mattresses presently do not know what kind of cotton is inside their mattresses, and they just sell low price futon mattresses. You get the mattress home and within a few months your mattress has slid half way down your frame, has a huge dip where you have been sitting or laying, and your futon mattress is lumpy around the whole futon.

The Futon Shop has been specializing in manufacturing futon mattresses since 1976, and they have improved their futon mattresses, by finding the best green and organic fibers to give you the best quality in your futon mattress and for your platform bed.

The Futon Shop has found Staple cotton to be the best quality cotton to avoid lumpiness for their futon mattresses. Low-grade cotton has short fibers, which do not hold the moisture for very long and tend to break and become a lumpy futon mattress. Top grade Staple cotton has the strongest strands taken from the top of the cotton plant. 100% staple cotton futons therefore resist forming balls or lumps and give futons a longer life expectancy.

The Futon Shop uses the best quality long fiber staple cotton for 90% of their futon mattresses. You can choose from over 15 futon mattresses with Wool, Latex , Organic Soy memory foam Latex and for your platform bed or futon sofa sleeper frame.
Why get wool in my futon mattress?
The Futon Shop adds Virgin Wool to our futon mattresses for a cushier, softer feel; the light fluffy wool fiber has a crimped construction that acts like a spring. We use naturally long crimp wool grown in the United States that does not have to be artificially crimped. Also, wool wicks away moisture resulting in a longer lasting futon mattress. Wool fibers are naturally long and crimped adding softness and spring to the mattress. Wool blended futons are considered a higher quality futon for 3 main reasons:

1. Wool fibers don’t hold moisture the way cotton does, the moisture is instead wicked away.
2. The longer fibers, when blended with cotton, result is a stronger, more comfortable, and more durable futon.
3. A wool futon, with proper ventilation, will help to regulate temperature.
Why get Memory Foam in my Futon Mattress?
If you have ever slept or sat on anything memory foam, you will know right away why our memory foam mattresses have been our hottest items. These memory foam futon mattresses cradle your back while you sit and while you rest on your futon couch.

The Futon Shop is the only futon retailer in California that manufactures memory foam as well as all their foams in any of our mattresses with the least amount of polyurethane.

These futon mattresses also support your spine as you sleep, leaving you with a rested feel when you wake up in the morning. The memory foam has been proven to be best suited for side sleepers because these kind of sleepers need extra support for their hips and shoulders. It also supports side sleepers because it is the most supportive for your spine as you lie all your weight on your futon mattress. The memory foam slowly compresses and then slowly bounces back to its original shape, while gently comforting your joints and muscles as you sleep. The Futon Shop uses the highest and thickest memory foam, 5lb density memory foam. The memory foam is essential for side sleepers because they need more support for their shoulders and hips.

4) What mattress is the best if I have back problems?

There is no single mattress style or type that works for all people back. Although any mattress that helps someone sleep without pain and stiffness is the best mattress for that individual. A good mattress should provide back support for the natural curves and alignment of the spine. The right amount of back support also helps you avoid muscle soreness in the morning. While there is not much clinical data about mattresses, one study found that medium-firm mattresses usually provide more back pain relief than firm mattresses.

Overall comfort while sleeping on the mattress is equally important as sufficient back support. Sleeping on a mattress that is too firm can cause aches and pains on pressure points. A medium-firm mattress may be more comfortable because it allows the shoulder and hips to sink in slightly.

If an old mattress sags visibly in the middle or is no longer comfortable, it is probably time to purchase a new one. Putting boards under a sagging mattress to keep it from sagging in the middle is only a short-term fix for the sagging; a new mattress is still needed.

The Futon Shop suggests you come in a lie down on our mattresses before you choose one at any of our California locations.

Or call 1-800-44-FUTON: to speak to any one of our Futon Specialists. Take your time, lie on your side, back and stomach.Take you time and choose the right mattress for your body type.
Firm or Soft? What is better? Which will last longer?
Comfort is different for everyone. Some love a soft bed or futon mattress, while others can’t sleep on anything harder than a brick. But what is constant among all ingredients: Staple cotton and latex.
These are the two ingredients you should have in your mattress for the longest lasting effect. We have plenty of futon mattresses that are firm and soft, but through and through Latex is the most durable core you can put in your mattress. And Staple cotton, whether it is organic or not will help your futon mattress avoid lumping, breaking, or dipping.

5) What if I want a firm futon Mattress, but I do not want any foam because of "off-gassing"?
Our Chemical Free Coconut and Latex Mattresses are the most supportive natural mattress option on the market!
Could I put my new Futon Mattress on my box spring mattress or on the floor?
That would not be advisable. Futon mattresses have cotton as their main ingredient and they all need slatted bed frames or futon frames. This also applies with no flat wood or use of your futon mattress on the floor. If you do lay your futon mattress on the above, mold will occur inside your mattress.

And your futon mattress will get very heavy from moisture not being released, leaving your futon mattress left with moisture soaking in the cotton and breaking your cotton fibers decreasing the lifespan of your futon mattress.
What mattress is best if my guests are on the heavier side?
Any of our quality mattresses will support week end guests. For longer term guests or every night sleep, we stand behind all our futon mattresses. For more information please call 1-800-44-FUTON and speak to one of our futon specialist or come on in.
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