Halloween Safety Tips

The Futon Shop takes safety very seriously..and would like parents to take an extra precautionary steps when Halloween arrives this year.

The Safer chemical organization gives away great tips how to be safe this Halloween.
1) CHEJ- The Center for Health, Environment & Justice (CHEJ) is the only national environmental organization that was founded and is led by a grassroots leader.
-Avoid PVC: Shop for PVC-free costumes and masks. If you’re not sure what the costume is made out of, ask the store or manufacturer whether or not it contains PVC and phthalates.
Make your own costume out of safer PVC-free materials! We bet you can come up with something fun and creative by just diving into your closet.
Trade with your friends. No need to buy more stuff.

2) Mom's Rising Blog-
-Not so fun fact: The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics tested ten popular face paints for toxic chemicals in their report “Pretty Scary: Heavy Metals in Face Paints.” All ten had lead, while others contained allergens like nickel, cobalt, and chromium.


-**Did you know: According to GreenHalloween.org, just swapping half the costumes kids wear could reduce landfill waste by 6,250 tons!
-Healthier options: Healthy Child, Healthy World has a guide to choosing healthier treats that you can hand out to trick or treaters instead of the standard candy treats.
Skip the sweets and foods: Stickers, snazzy pencils, art supplies: Think outside the box when it comes to your trick or treat giveaways. Non-food items are healthier; just don’t replace Halloween sweets with plastic toys.
The candy route: If you do give out candy, portion it out: Reduce waste and packaging by giving one candy to each trick or treater instead of hand fulls of treats.

3) Healthy Child Healthy World:
-3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) + 3Gs (good for people, good for planet, good for community) = a green and healthy Halloween!
Reduce: Like many American traditions, Halloween has become supersized. So we suggest handing out less

Reuse: We are not suggesting reusing treats from the year before! (Although if you stock up on “treasures,” to hand out instead of treats, that’s another matter). But candy wrappers can be reused to make uber cool crafts. Check out these runway-worthy candy-wrapper accessories for inspiration. Or just grab some glue and let the kids make some post-Halloween abstract art!

Candy (as scraps from your Halloween party, jack-o-lanterns and natural décor items) can be composted.

Good for people: Are the treats you choose to hand out healthy?
Good for the planet: Once again, organic comes into play of course. Chemicals used while growing edibles not only affects the kids who eat them, but also the Earth that provides. Consider ingredients that are farmed with the least environmental impact. Choosing less-waste packaging, locally produced or handmade treats and treasures, non-GMO goodies, and treasures made from natural materials as other “good for planet” options.
Good for communities: When treats we purchase have a “give-back” element, it’s a great thing not only because we feel good purchasing it, but because we are teaching our children to consider how our consumer choices can choices can benefit our communities.

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