TFS Environmentally Safe List

The Futon Shop Prides itself on being an innovative Manufacturer with sustainable and green products. The Sustainable Furnishings Council, recently gave an overview and a list of what green manufacturers and retailers should have as a staple for their consumers.
Here is the list:

1) Lower Energy:
  • Use Wood, Stone, Tile TFS sofa beds all are hardwoods
  • Recycled content: TFS uses recycled steel in our coiled springs, as well as a special mattress with recycled cotton

2) Deforestation:
  • Plantation Wood: TFS wood is from a rubber tree plantation- Rubber trees must be cut down and replanted once they run out of latex. The Futon Shop sofa beds are used from the Rubber tree wood
  • Rapid Renewables- TFS uses bamboo in our Organic bedding and our Organic Mattresses

3) Indoor Air:
  • Low Voc: TFS have products with no or low VOC Paint or finishes

4) Conservation:
  • Bio-Hybrid Cushioning-TFS uses only Hybrid soy based polyurethane foams for all their mattresses. As The Home Furnishing Industry takes the lead in 1/3 of all industries that use Petroleum. The Futon Shop believes Soy foam, which is the second best natural product after Latex, replaces toxic petroleum with up to 30% soybean oil
5) Toxic Pollutants:
TFS is always looking more more ideas and better ways to make our products environmentally safe for all our valued customers.

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