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The Futon Shop has been around since 1976 and customer service is a big factor in how it has been around for so long. There are a few ways The Futon Shop has perfected their Customer Service:
1) Live Support Chat. If you have a question and you need a quick answer, we TFS are always online ready to answer any questions you have. On the top of the TFS website..there is a square green button for customers who have quick questions, or just would rather do everything from a chat mobility.
2) TFS has yelp, below are a few examples of customer's who have been satisfied with our service. Also, if you do not feel you have been helped from the beginning to end, even with a manager, you have the right to email TFS about your experience and we will do all we can to rectify the situation.
3) TFS have 11 stores, with more than 22 employees in the store. Each employee is trained so they can be the best informed futon specialist to help each and every customer make the best decision for their guest bed, or every night bed.
4) TFS have a whole team of Webmasters, creating a clean, informative, and colorful website of all TFS products. TFS website gives clear dimensions, prices, animation, and product key info for each customer to buy online, or come into the store. You will be more than prepared to ask the correct questions and find what you are looking for.
5) TFS has an email: customerservice@thefutonshop.com, which answers questions if you would rather email, than call or chat online. TFS answers any questions you may need: from shipping, comfort level, organic product knowledge, manufacturing, certification, and customer issues such as problems warranty and sales, and futons, sofabeds, and non-toxic beds.
6) on the bottom of the page, a clear outline on the history, certification, how to purchase a futon, all the different ways to contact us, our blog, partners page, Faq section that answers lots of diverse questions, 800 number as well as location page.
7) 30 Day Guarantee Policy. Sometimes it is hard to pick the right mattress while shopping for your every night mattress. Even if you spend a long time trying out the mattresses and picking the one that fits your comfort style, sometimes the best way to truly try out a mattress is to sleep on the mattress overnight for a few weeks. That is why, The Futon Shop has implemented the 30 day policy.
8) If you live out of California or far away from any of our 11 location, then TFS has a Youtube video page, for you to watch and get a great idea of how the futon opens and closes, as well as how it looks and all the options you can pick from.
9) Environmentally safe options have been TFS's specialty for the last 35 years. The Futon Shop's main ingredient, cotton, is a natural fiber, and in the 70's this was very innovative. Throughout the years, The Futon Shop has looked for more Organic ways to make their mattresses. They have specialized in Organic futons, with soy foam to decrease chemicals in your futon mattresses, and organic cotton with no pesticides. The Futon Shop offer exclusively 100% natural latex with no chemicals.

10) And lastly, if you want an organic option, we have our 11 stores in California, and throughout the nation offering Exclusive Organic Mattresses made by the The Futon Shop.

A few Yelp Reviews:
Santa Rosa:
"I want to highly recommend the Futon Shop in Santa Rosa. The selection of frames, mattresses and covers is extensive. The quality is excellent and the couch we chose is lovely in every way. Chris, the salesperson, was very helpful and knowledgeable about the product line. And when there was a mix up in the order he went far out of his way to rectify the problem immediately. Couldn't ask for better service."

San Jose
"I did my research online first, then went into the store and made the purchase. I bought a fold-out vinyl sofa bed that is VERY easy to convert; even my disabled son can do it (and does, frequently). It is comfortable to sit on, which surprised me, since I thought vinyl would be sticky, and it's comfortable to sleep on.

Robert even held onto a toy my son left in their store several months before, and remembered us when we came in and brought the toy out, much to my son's delight."
Pleasant Hill:
"I had purchased a Futon on their 1-800 site and had some issues. I called here and BURT helped me out. He was very patient and extremely helpful. He got my account straightened out and I was on my way to get my bed. Thank you again." San Mateo
"got great service at this futon shop when I bought my futon for my new apartment. Everyone was really friendly, and allowed me to waffle as much as I wanted to without any complaint whatsoever. And I LOVE my new futon - I've got lots of compliments, and it's a great alternative for someone who wants something more creative than IKEA stuff."

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