What To Do With Your Old Mattress

-->In 2009, Americans generated about 243 million tons of trash and recycled and composted 82 million tons of this material, equivalent to a 33.8 percent recycling rate Landfills in The US have decreased, but are overflowing with more waste every day. These landfills are filling up with products that can easily be recycled. What is a Landfill exactly? Landfills are engineered areas where waste is placed into the land. Landfills usually have liner systems and other safeguards to prevent polluting the groundwater.

Here is the important note to take from this issue with overflowing landfills. Even though the l
andfills are decreasing, the landfills are over capacity; which means we are not doing our part in recycling.
The goal with recycling is to throw away actual trash and find the places to recycle your waste that can be reused. The strange thing is, we actually have to do a lot of work to find these places.
The Futon Shop used to have Bedbusters as their main location for customers to send their old mattresses, but recently they have closed their business.
As I did some research for our customers, I found it was a hard job to find these places. I found the website earth911 to be very useful in finding places to recycle mattresses for residents in Northern and Southern California.

There is a great website about the process of mattress recycling. It mentions one of the best mattress recycle companies: DR3 Recycling Mattress Company, which is on my list below.
DR3 stands for: Divert, Reduce, Recycle, Reuse. It is a program amongst the most successful recycling programs in the world. The idea behind DR3 program is simple – reclaim mattresses from landfills and recycle them. The program was started in December 2001 and a facility for recycling was setup in Alameda, California, which recycled nearly 300 mattresses in its very first week of existence.

Reasons to Recycle your mattress:
1) It offers higher financial incentive as an alternative to landfills.
2)Recycled steel from the unwanted mattress can be used for construction purpose and is great cost saving.
3)Recycled foam and felt unwanted mattress can be cleaned and used for making carpet pads and mattress pads, or even for your pet’s bedding.
4)Landfill equipment problems created by mattress springs can be greatly reduced.
5)We can have cleaner roadsides, with a reduction in illegal mattress dumping.

Here are the best websites The Futon Shop found for recycling and reselling your old Mattress. The main thing I learned is that if your mattress is very old, ripped or stained..they will not recycle your mattress or futon.

1) Recologysf
This is an amazing service for San Francisco Residents....and it's free. As long as you leave it by the curb..it is a free service!
acceptable item list
here is how to schedule a pickup

2) Eco-Haul ,
San Francisco, Sonoma County, and the East bay

This is a one company that goes straight into your home and disassembles your beds
and takes it away and recycles your mattress, no matter what size. They are located in the east bay.
Their number is 1800-326-4285

Not a free service

2) Mussel Rock Transfer Station Disposal SiteIf you have a truck or van, you can bring your mattress to their center in Pacifica, or call your garbage company and see if they might pick up your mattress and bring it to their facility.
there is a charge

3) Salvation Army Thrift Store:
San Jose residents you have lucked out! For no charge they will pick up your old Mattress or futon and if it is clean, they will resell your mattress.
The shop is on Taylor Street in San Jose, their number is 1-800-958-7825

4) 1-800-got- Junk
You can call and they can pick it up..they may or may not be able to recycle though..depending on the quality of your mattress or Futon. It also seemed a little pricey. Around $80-$90.

5) Palo Alto Residents Only

for only $20 you can drop off your mattress, box spring, or futon, or couch.
Any day 8am to 5pm

Monday to Sunday 8am to 5pm
(650) 496-5910
2380 Embarcadero Way
Palo Alto, CA 94303
6) San Mateo County Residents only:

San Carlos Transfer Station:

only serves
Daly City, Colma, Bradmoor, and Half Moon Bay
You may qualify for a free pick up. If you do not, you must pay $69.02
7) Los Angeles Recycling Mattresses and couches
Los Angeles Ranked Top Recycler Out of 10 Largest U.S. Cities

8) East bay: Oakland, California where the DR3 Mattress Recycling programfounded by the Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County, Oregon— receives and processes mor e th an 500 used mattresses every day

9235 San Leandro St
Oakland, CA 94603
Neighborhood: East Oakland
(510) 568-5046

9) Sacramento Salvation Army resells furniture that has no stain, rips or tears.
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