Tuesday Organic News!

The Futon Shop stands by their name with integrity and all our labels with Organic are never misleading. But in the field of Organic products..I am shocked all the time how companies are misusing the word Organic and not standing by their labels.

Here is the weekly Organic News:

1) Egg Companies with Organic label come from factory farms. Animals are being abused

2) I am very interested in seeing the Vanishing of the Bees Documentary

3) Organic Farm proved not guilty for E. Coli strand in Europe

4) reason for the decline of sales with green cars

5) We can finally eat chocolate and say it is good for the environment

6) First Green map of the planet plant life

7) Astronauts going green! Yummy cucumbers in space!

8) June 11 and June 12 2011 Fairfax is having their Green Event

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