6 tips to a chemically free bedroom

June is Home safety month!

Have you looked through your house and made sure everything is safe for you and your family.
The Home Safety Council gives great tips on how to make your home safe.
For example: Fire safety, home spa safety, parent alert, poison prevention. For babies and toddlers they help find ways to make your baby safe in their crib, sleeping, labels, and all about the nursery. As for children, there is advice on how to prevent fall and injury, fire and burn education program. As for older adults, their are tips on falling prevention, managing medicine, fire and stairway safety.

The Futon Shop has their own list of home safety for their customers. It is so important to get chemicals free your bedroom.

6 tips to get chemicals out of your bedroom:

1) look into no chemicals in your mattress

2) if you have allergies, our 100% organic mattresses with no foam futon mattresses are best

3) While cleaning your furniture, instead of using products with chemicals, the safest bet is to use water and vinegar

4) For your babies, make sure your crib and crib mattress have no chemicals for your newborn and toddler.

5) most crib and toddler water proof pad protectors contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The V stands for Vinyl. PVC has been proven to help with waterproofing, but has huge amounts of petroleum, chlorine, and is known to be a carcinogen. The Futon Shop sells 100% Organic mattresses and crib mattresses, as well as chemically free waterproof pads as well.

6) use a natural antimicrobrial in your mattress, such as natural latex. Antimicrobial is the general term for any product or ingredient that kills or inhibits bacteria, viruses, or molds. In many companies, products that have antimicrobial on the label have harmful side effects. The Futon Shop recommends buying mattresses for your bed and couches with a natural latex, which has a natural property of antimicrobial effects. The Futon Shop's waterproof pads have no GMO, pesticide, and they use sustainable growing practices. Their water proof pads also do not have Phthalate and lead free from polyurethane film. Right in the heart of San Francisco, The Futon Shop produces their mattresses.
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  1. Yes, vinegar is definitely the best non-toxic cleaning solution you can use for ordinary cleaning chores around the house. But there are other useful household products such as baking soda and lemon juice which have great cleaning applications, too. For example, baking soda can be used as absorbent of bad smells in your home or fresh liquid stains from your carpet.

  2. Great question Jack. If you want one of our salepeople to call you or you can cal us at 1-800-443-8866. Or by emailing us at CustomerService@TheFutonShop.com

    we normally put boric acid..a natural fire retardant in our cotton which is a natural bed bug reppelant. But we also with a doctor's note take it out for customer's with sensitivities and for consumers who do not what anything chemical in their furniture.