U.S. Should Sell More Free Trade Products

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”

The Futon Shop and other companies around the nation are finding their sales have spiked since promoting more products with Free Trade Principles. You do not have to search any longer. Just go to your neighboring Starbucks shop around the corner, or San Francisco Based futon retailer, The Futon Shop, to support Free Trade. May is World Free Trade month and with San Francisco being a popular city with characteristics of equality and open-minded citizens, it is no wonder it is one of the top contributors in 2008 as the leading cities in America that promotes and sells Free Trade products.

American companies have made a difference with Fair Trade consciousness. Fair Trade started in the 1940’s when a few small North American and European organizations reached out to poverty stricken communities to help them sell their handicrafts to well-off markets. What most people know of the fair trade began in the coffee company because of a fictional character, Max Havelaar, who was developed as an advocate for exploited coffee pickers. This led to a global effort not just with coffee, but with crafts, linens, and a multitude of products being made around the world. The goal behind Fair trade is to treat all farmers and employees with equal rights, while at the same time promoting environmental sustainability.

Companies like Starbucks and The Futon Shop are handing out the opportunity to consumers around the globe to make a difference and buy products that feel good to purchase, leaving a positive feeling while acquiring in line with their ideals and beliefs. The Futon Shop manufactures and purchases from other vendors with the same principle as the Free Trade coalition. The Futon Shop has appealed to consumers who have been looking for products that use natural sustainable products as well as chemical free and organic mattresses and accessories. The Futon Shop not only uses green ingredients for their mattresses and futons, but all their vendors live by the same principle by using sustainable wood for their futon frames and platform beds.

One of America’s leading Organic manufacturer, The Futon Shop supports Fair Trade by standing by the same principles. The four important benefits of Fair Trade are stable prices, a Fair Trade premium, partnership, and empowerment of farmers and workers.

Sales have skyrocketed for The Futon Shop with their eco-friendly lamps. Eangee, sells certified Free Trade and organic lamps of all sizes and shapes. They are based in a small family-owned manufacturing firm in the Philipines, located just outside the capital city of Manila, where they make all the lighting in an organic lamp collection. Many people travel to Manila from the provinces to find work and send money back home to loved ones. Not only does Eangee home design, one of The Futon Shop’s vendors, make sure that the workers are provided strong living wages, but they also provide free quality housing, so that the workers can use more of their wages to help their families.

Another company that has helped The Futon Shop grow their line of Organic and Free Trade products is through their certified Fair Trade Sleep and Beyond line. Sleep and Beyond specialize in Organic Merino Wool Products in the Kyrgyz Republic. Being known for it’s Colorado size and the world’s largest glaciers, with only populating 5 million people, Kyrgyz has succeeded in creating their products in an eco-friendly factory.

One of the first big companies in America that promoted Fair Trade was Starbucks in 2000 when they led a huge campaign with their goal to make all of it’s specialty and coffee brands Fair trade certified. Thanks to companies like Starbucks and other coffee companies around the globe, according to Fair Trade USA, coffee imports have climbed from 78,000 pounds certified in 1998 to 108 million pounds certified in 2010.

Global Exchange is another leading company with stores based in America that promote Fair Trade. Global Exchange and other companies supporting Fair Trade promotes and empowers small scale farmers in developing countries. Thanks to The Futon Shop and other Free Trade companies that have helped more than 1.2 milllion producer and workers in 58 developing countries now benefiting from global fair trade sales.

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