Facts You Can Sleep On

Did you know May is Sleep month?

Here are a few statistics and important research facts that The Futon Shop takes very seriously:

According to the Huffingtonpost.com here are the best positions to sleep:
1) back and side( both are best for support of your neck and back)- side is best for pregnant women
2) stomach is worst for support of your neck and back..and increases chances of wrinkles

Jane Brody of NYTIMES.COM there are many sleep challenges for teens and children:
1) According to the National Sleep Foundation, newborns should sleep 12 to 18 out of every 24( while gradually reduction to 12 to 14; toddler 1-3 should sleep 11 to 13 hours for preschoolers who are 3 to 5 should sleep 10 to 11, and school children ages 5- 10 should sleep 10 to 11 hours. Teenagers need more hours than adults, about 8 to 9 hours of sleep
2) in one study in Brody's report, 90% of teenagers reporting sleeping less than nine hours a night. And 10% said they were sleeping less than 6 hours a night.
3) teenagers are labeled, "walking zombies"

Sleep Savvy Journal, May/June 2011 asks Americans to join the Better Sleep Council's National campaign to stop the spread of zombieities!
sleep surveys show for Americans:
1) 39% get six hours or less sleep per night
2) 17% get less than five

According to Michael Siegal, of Gazette.com, he claims that a lack of sleep can create a number of health issues:
Effects of inadequate sleep for all ages:
A) Colon Cancer
B) Weight issues
C) Lack Of Cognitive Abilities
D) Diabetes and Heart Disease
E) Depression
F) Risk of accident

One of my favorite sources for this issue is from Julie Scelfo of the NYtimes.com, in her article:
The Stuffing Dreams are Made of?
1) NO government agency regulates the labeling of mattresses as "organic" or "natural".
2) through mislabeling..there are misleading and vague info being passed along
3) Debra Lynn Dadd, author and blogger of Clearwater, Fla., if you are interested in organic food, you may want to find info on the greater exposure to toxic substances in household products like your mattress, since you spend a third of your life in bed!
4) California became the first state to ban the sales of mattresses with phthalates for use by children. and Federally the law became effective to forbid the use of three types of phthalates in products for children, including mattresses.
5) cotton and wool are natural and renewable materials, but most are grown with insecticides. and treated with chemical fertilizers/

These articles are so important to The Futon Shop, because we pride ourselves in specializing and manufacturing cotton and wool that are 100% organic and chemically free.
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