Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Feliz Cinco de Mayo to you!

Today marks a special day for the Mexican People. A way that I have
always associated Cinco de Mayo is through food and childhood tradition. When I was a child in elementary School, every year on May Fifth, we would all get so excited. We would all get the class decorated in Mexican colors and we would set up all the Mexican dishes. But the best part of course was the Pinata. All the candy would get every where and all us kids would run to the middle for our favorite flavored bubble gum. After stuffing ourselves with delicious guacamole, tacos, chips and dip, we would all sit down and learn about The Mexican Culture. These are great memories of mine.

Now that I am older my friends and family at The Futon Shop get together for BBQ's, but I like to use more Organic versions of my favorite dishes.

From one of my favorite sites.


2 ripe medium diced tomatoes
1 can drained corn1 can drained and rinsed black beans
1 package Simply Organic Fish Taco Mix
1/2 cup olive oil
juice from 1 lime
Place tomatoes in a large bowl. Add corn and black beans. In a small bowl, whisk Simply Organic Fish Taco Mix packet contents and 1/2 cup olive oil together and pour over vegetables. Squeeze on lime juice.



1/2 cup water
1 package Simply Organic Guacamole Dip Mix
1 pound fajita filling of choice (steak, chicken, shrimp, tofu, pork)
1 diced pepper
1 diced onion
Mix water and Dip Mix together. Add to a large skillet, along with meat and vegetables. Sauté until cooked.

Chef Suggestions
Serve with warm tortillas, sour cream and salsa.

Substitute your choice of vegetables

Fried plantains for brunch or dessert.
1 package Simply Organic Mole Sauce Mix
1 cup water1/4 cup vegetable oil
2 medium plantains, almost ripe (dark yellow to brown with spots, not black)1 1/2 cups low-fat whipped cream or 1 1/2 cups vanilla ice cream
Prepare Simply Organic Mole Sauce according to package directions. Remove from heat, set aside and let cool.

Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat. Peel and slice plantains in 1/4-inch thick diagonal slices. Fry two minutes per side, remove from pan and let cool, keeping oil heating.
Flatten slices to half their width between wax paper with a mallet or rolling pin. Return to skillet and fry two more minutes per side. Divide the slices into serving bowls and top each with 2 to 3 tablespoons Simply Organic Mole Sauce Mix and 1/4 cup whipped cream or ice cream.

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