Eco-friendly Lamps make great accessories!

In this day and age everybody realizes the importance of sustainability and organic agriculture and more and more companies are embracing a healthier way of doing business and helping the planet at the same time. However, some companies are really raising the bar when it comes to eco-friendly ingredients.

Eangee Home Design is a company we are partnered with that actually makes lamps out of plants!!! It's hard to imagine anything as green as that, and after you see their full line of organic lamps for yourself, it'll be hard to imagine anything as cool either!

Eangee uses a special process of leaf fossilization to make the shades on their lamps. By picking tropical leaves, drying them and then hand rubbing the chlorophyll off so only the leaf skeleton remains, they are able to make awesome lampshades out of the most natural and renewable of materials. The leafs are also individually colored with natural, organic dyes for bright and exciting shades (pun intended!) that make a big impression. Once the leaf is stained they are adhered to a heat resistant backing for lamps that are fully functional and quite frankly, gorgeous!

Best of all, if you're of an artistic bent like me, Eangee hires local artists and artisans to stain and hand cut each leaf, treating their employees fairly and honestly while helping preserve the artistic culture of the Phillipines. Like The Futon Shop, they are a member of the Sustainable Furniture Council and we are proud to do business with another company with the same dedication to fair trade and sustainability as us.
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