Introducing the Soft Viscose Futon Mattress

Our new futon mattress the Soft Viscose Futon Mattress is a really exciting innovation in the realm of futon mattresses and I'm so glad that we at The Futon Shop can welcome you to this newest innovation in comfort. For the Soft Viscose I thought I'd experiment with the design of our popular Chemical Free Futon Mattresses.

It starts with a layer of Egyptian Staple cotton as a base with a two inch layer of high density hybrid soy based foam layered on top. Next a 4 inch layer of pocketed innersprings forms the center of this mattress. These innersprings all come individually wrapped in a thin polyester hosing for even weight distribution and zero movement transfer. On top of that is layered two inches of virgin wool and another layer of Egyptian Staple cotton. Now, you might think that this is already an incredible assortment of some of the most comfortable ingredients known to man (and you'd be right), but it's the crowning touch to this mattress that takes it to a whole different level of comfort!

The Soft Viscose Mattress is topped with two inches of soft and supportive viscose memory foam for the ultimate padding. Now keep in mind that our memory foam at The Futon Shop is also made partially from soy bean oil, so even this slow recovery foam is an eco-friendly alternative. You need to try lying down on this mattress to believe just how comfortable it is, so come on down to one of our 11 California Futon Shop locations and lie down on one yourself!

Of course these futons work on any of our hardwood futon frames and wall hugger futon frames.
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