Dream Green

By utilizing the perfect shade of modern green pillow's , it help's to show off the Matrix Chocolate Sofa bed and Vega Chair w/ Matrix Ottoman set. The Black and White Shoji Screen room divider offer's high contrast which helps to intensify the pop of green.
A large leaning mirror helps to open up any small space to give the feeling of being in a large room, especially if the mirror frame is the same color as the wall so the frame disappears.
Just above the divider you can spot a few Natural Gecko lamps crawling toward the ceiling. Just by simply positioning any light source of what only may seem a tad to high on the wall, it allows the light to give the illusion of a high ceiling, making the room seem larger than it is.
Also by using multiple end table's you can save space and still offer user friendly table use. Find more great Organic element's to make your home a greener home all ON SALE NOW at The Futon Shop !
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  1. Did you paint the side rail at the entrance yourself, or did you match the decor to the store? Either way it really pops!

  2. Had leftover paint from old apt. It unknowingly matched the pillow color and the rail's needed a face lift. I want to maybe paint the mirror frame also but haven't made time......

  3. What a great idea! I love your design pointers... I will have to try that idea of hanging lights slightly closer to the ceiling!