About Futon Frames - Part 2: Wallhugger Futon Frames

Since the Dawn of Futon these flexible fold out beds have been the go to item for maximizing space while still delivering on comfort and aesthetics. While The Futon Shop has been pushing the science of sleeper sofas to the edge for the past 30 years, sometimes the sheer amount of options we offer to the concerning futon aficionado can be a little staggering!

But there's no need to fear, Futon fans! The Futon Shop is here with our staff of highly trained futonistas who are ready and waiting to tell you difference between a shikibuton and a sofa sleeper!

Today, let's talk about the Wall hugger Futon Frame:

Wall hugger futon frames are an even greater advancement in futon technology. These futon frames work with a patented front loading conversion system, which in layman's terms means that you pull the sofa deck towards you to convert from a sofa to a bed so the futon can remain flush against the wall at all times. Wall hugger futon frames require less space to stick out into the room.

Wall hugger loveseats offer all the space saving benefits of hardwood loveseat frames, but feature a separate ottoman that folds up and slides under the sofa loveseat when not in usage or pulls out to transform into a loveseat lounger or bed. These futon frames also work with our specially made split mattresses, where each mattress comes in two pieces, one that sits on the sofa, and one that conveniently folds behind. At the Futon Shop, we make all our eco-friendly or organic mattresses to work with wall hugger futon loveseats as well as the standard wall hugger futon sofa bed.

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