Holiday Guest's Coming.... Ready ?

Find more than enough option's for the Holiday guest bed situation's here at The Futon Shop ON SALE NOW! Have a unplanned over night guest? The shiki buton tri-folding hybrid soy foam bed is perfect. It collapses for extra seating or lounging and easily unfolds out to a real bed size from single all the way up to king in 2 different thickness 3 1/2 inch or 5 inch and comes in any color you could dream up! Hides under your bed or in a closet, even behind a sofa for storage and there's no stress to putting up a surprise guest for the night. Also combined w/ a organic cotton futon makes a great traditional Japanese bed for every night sleeping on a platform bed frame which offer's a feeling of firm and soft at the same time.
The Futon Shop has a cabinet wall bed that the folding bed can easily be stored in as well as an organic futon in over 30 different variation's of density and internal design's. It looks like a typical cabinet and takes no space, perfect for an office setting or guest room/living room. There is a pull out shelf at the base that extends to support the drop down door for the futon/shiki buton to rest on and creates a platform bed concept, also on sale! which offer's a feeling of firm and soft at the same time.
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