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Add amazing warmth to any room at home or even office simply with the NEW Natural Organic floor lamp collection. The Durian Fiber shade is crafted from fibers picked from the seeds of the durian fruit. Durian fruit is, on average, the size of a soccer ball and is a very important domestic fruit in most asian countries. These fibers are either stained or left natural and inlaid on a heat resistant lamp backing.
Crafted from abaca fiber, whereas, the inner portion of the lamp is crafted using a handmade abaca paper. the abaca fiber portion of the lamp has its own wrought iron frame, guaranteeing this lamp is very sturdy. The abaca plant is fast growing and resembles the banana. the species matures in about 18 to 24 months and consists of 12 to 30 stalks from a central root system. each stalk grows between 12 and 20 feet high. different parts of the plant make different products such as abaca rope, twine, or paper. abaca is special in that it will re-grow from the same root system after being cut and it can be grown within the rain forest without destroying critical habitat.
The frame is constructed from wrought iron, making the lamp very strong and durable then it’s powder coated in order to ensure the longevity of its color.

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  1. what are some of the prices? these are so cool!