Finding Storage for Spring Cleaning !

Clearing out the clutter isn't always so simple but the easiest way to simplify any cluttered space is to add storage to create a comfortable flow to any area in the home. The Best way to deal with clutter is to get rid of it completely, but if your attached to your clutter there's great way's of organizing it all. With the help of The Futon Shop there are ton's of way's to prepare for the spring and summer season without stress. (click on any photo for link)

The use of an ottoman with storage used as a coffee table is a perfect solution to keep any living area together, weather it be a kid friendly space or high tech toy junkie. It even work's for the craft/art connoisseur when you need extra work or storage space for your latest project . The ottoman has a flip top with 1 side being a hard surface or a softer upholstered side. Also the structure is designed to be utilized as extra seating. Made with micro-fiber finish creates an excellent stain resistant surface so maintenance is easy.

The Peru and Brazil sofa bed converter from The Futon Shop has a great storage compartment with easy access, just under the seat so there's plenty of space to keep just about anything you can come up with. If a sofa bed is too large there's a sofa chair bed with storage with a matching ottoman that also has storage, called the Meridian.

With almost any wooden futon frame there are drawer's that glide under the front base of the frame's to offer super easy storage.

Most of the platform bed's you can apply drawer's to both side's of the bed for additional storage. Of coarse there's a ton of design option's for night stand's and dresser's to compliment any platform bed set.

There's even a trundle bed option for twin platform bed's and bunk bed's. A Bunk bed's is a perfect way to maximize floor space in any bedroom.There's even a loft bunk bed set with a desk designed under the top bunk.

There's endless storage option's when it come's to The Futon Shop and everything is on SALE at a GREAT price!!

Here's a few more tip's on creating clutter free zone's.

A) Go wireless. Save your fav music and movies on computer's/i pods and ditch those old cd's and dvd's.
B) Install track lighting and ditch your old floor lamp's. It will create a more modern setting and again decrease wire's.
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  1. these are great! do you have anything in black??