Breaking Through The Winter Blue's.....pt2

As most of the United State's is currently covered in snow and cold, here's just a few concept's to feel spring before the thaw......
Choose 1 wall in a commonly lived in room that doesn't adjoin another room and choose a contrasting color for painting. Painting only 1 wall can be very simple, inexpensive and is an great easy way to transform the energy and offer a positive charge to any space. By choosing a color within a few shades from other wall's, it will create a soft, subtle change giving warmth. By choosing high contrasting color it can create an illusion of lengthening the room, depending on which wall is chosen and gives any room a huge modern face lift without construction.Now if your hesitant about which color, try applying a few different color's with just a few brush stroke's and live w/ it for at least a day and see if's it fit's your heart's desire.
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