Now Offering Official team logo cotton futon cover's at a great price! (click photo to link) Official Team Futon Cover's from Baseline Sports is always a touchdown with the fans! It has a zipper to fit the entire mattress to ensure non-slip fit. Logo is welded to the fabric by a patented process. Turn your futon into the perfect pad for watching the game with no muss-no fuss futon cover. Hardy and durable, cotton is often the first fiber we touch when we are born into the world and often stays with us throughout our lives. This is because Cotton has long been known to be a warm, hardy fiber for fabrics that feels wonderful against your skin. Cotton fabric comes from natural and renewable sources, making it one of the oldest and greatest fabrics in our history.
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  1. What about college logo cover's? Will be great for up coming NFL season hang out's.

  2. Yeah, I'd love a Bruins futon cover.. Do you know anyone who sells them?

  3. I think these are so awesome! I mean what a way to show team spirit all the way !!!