Transcript of Suzanne Diamond Interview

Interview with Suzanne Diamond

Joe: Hi my names Joe and I have been sleeping on a futon from The Futon Shop for around 15 years, I am here today in the Futopia lounge with Suzanne Diamond one of the founders of The Futon Shop to learn more about the mind behind her mattresses. Suzanne tells us a little about yourself?

Suzanne: Hi Joe, I am an artist, mother, an environmentalist as well as a self taught entrepreneur and former hippie.

Joe: What is the Futopia Lounge?

Suzanne: It is any space where our futon resides, creating a comfortable environment.

Joe: There is a local buzz about the Futon Shop, what’s that about?

Suzanne: It is probably because we are the ONLY eco-friendly Futon Manufacturer in the world and we are based we are located right here in the heart of San Francisco.

Joe: So you mean to tell me that you make your futons here in San Francisco?

Suzanne: Yes, in our 30,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution center right in the heart of San Francisco and we offer our futons in our 11 California showrooms as well as on-line nationwide.

Joe: Being local seems to be important to you?

Suzanne: Yes because supporting our local economy as well as local farmers who grow our cotton and wool, supports our entire community.

Joe: What else do you manufacture in S.F.?

Suzanne: Besides our entire mattress, we make folding beds, covers and pillows, as well as custom cushions, for RV, Boats, designers etc.

Joe: It sounds like you make just about anything,

Suzanne: If you can sit on it, and it’s natural we make it. I made my first futon in 1975 when my generation wanted to be free, nature and organic and go back to mother earth.

Joe: Why Natural why Organic?

Suzanne: Most mattresses today are made with polyurethane foams, including temperpedic mattresses. Polyurethane foams are made from petroleum?

Joe: Mattresses are made from oil?
Suzanne: Yes these petro-chemicals are destroying our air and earth. But, our futons only use hybrid foams and memory foams from soybeans, reducing global warming and pampering our earth.

Joe: Can you eat them?

Suzanne: No silly, but they sure are comfortable.

Joe: What about the other ingredients?

Suzanne: We have over 30 mattresses to choose from all made with natural fibers. Chemically free Dunlap latex and 100% virgin wool, locally grown organic cotton, our innersprings are even made from recycled steel.

Joe: Is recycled steel as strong as non recycled steel?

Suzanne: Absolutely. The futons that carry our tempered recycled steel coils have as many as 733 coils per mattress.

Joe: This sounds a lot like a rational mattress

Suzanne: Quite true, our futons are made just like rational mattresses except they are natural and design them to bend on our futon sofa beds.

Joe: How about those wooden sofa bed frames?

Suzanne: Our partners ensure that every tree that is used in our beds is replaced with a new tree. All our vendors are certified by sustainable forest management programs.

Joe: Wow the Futon Shop has really put a lot of thought into sustainable commerce. So, it seems that although you are a successful; business owner in the 21st century, you still maintained your core hippie values ?

Suzanne: I will always be a hippie at heart. My values today are the same as they were in 1975, I still believe in peace and love and natural living. I just do not wear tie die shirts to work or read my employees tarot cards.

Joe: What's your business philosophy?
Suzanne: Be the change you want to see.

Joe: What exactly does that mean to you?
Suzanne: I want to see a world change from artificial and chemical dependency to natural and sustainable freedom. One dream at a time.

Joe: What's your goal as a business owner?
Suzanne: To support and educate my community, by offering a healthly alternative. I work hard to make the world and California a better place for us all. Peace Love and Futons
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  1. It is nice to see someone with values and common sense towards what is happening to our environment. I will tell all my friends and family about your futon shop.

  2. Wow! Love the chemical free futon mattress concept.Everyone should sleep without chemical's.

  3. Great story! You guys should put this up in your "About Us" section!