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Support your local economy and come check out one of our 11 California showrooms. If you happen to live some where else in our beautiful country you can order any of our products online. Come browse our website
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About Store 8

News and topics of interest in the world of organic, eco, green bedding, design and furniture.
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Anonymous said...

Yea, sure sounds good to support local businesses. I mean, we do live here so why not circulate revenue that will come back to use eventually?

Store 8 said...

EXACTLY........It is very important to keep money flow generated within each of our communities. Support all local business's and there ventures

REFI said...

Wow, what a great web-site !
One of the best that I have ever seen.

Store 8 said...

Thank you Refi. Anything in particular catch your eye

Anonymous said...

We need "main street"style companies to stay alive!

blu cigs said...

supporting and buying own made product means you are helping the economy.