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Organic • Natural and Pure Because it’s better for the planet. Organic farming is a healthier, more sustainable way of producing vegetables and fibers. Organic methods focus on soil health, replenishing soil fertility, promote bio diversity, and protect our air, water, soils and wildlife from toxic chemicals. Organic farming is also a powerful tool in the fight against global warming. It reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and stores carbon in the soil, where it boosts soil fertility instead of releasing it to the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas. Organic farming just makes sense—for people and for the planet. Try our Egyptian Cotton Futon Collection, premium quality futons made with Staple Egyptian, Recycled, or Organic Cottons. Make sure your futons are made with the highest quality cotton with the least environmental impact. For your new baby protect them with love and our, crib futons and crib futons with latex
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  1. Love the organic futon mattress feels great and sleep is just awesome!